Monday, May 21, 2012

New Robert Monzi Playgirl Issue Now On Sale!!!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that the Playgirl 2012 Summer Issue featuring Robert Monzi has hit the streets earlier than anticipated. Robert looks fantastic so I hope everyone one runs out and picks up a copy so they can enjoy Robert's new look. If you can't find Playgirl on the racks, ask them to order it -- it's worth it!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


You know the saying: "men are like a fine wine -- they get better with age." Exhibit A is Robert Monzi. Having turned 45 on March 16th, June 1999's  Man of the Month is in better shape today than he was then.  Blackdogue has been working with Playgirl to give Robert another opportunity to take his clothes off. He finally has and we couldn't be more excited.

He sat down for this exclusive one-on-one with his friend and Blackdogue's Deputy Jamie in preparation for the launch of the much anticipated DogueBlogue. We look forward to your comments.

Here's our intimate discussion with one of the nicest and hottest guys around:

DogueBlogue:  Robert, congratulations on your return to Playgirl.  You and I have been working on this for a long time. Tell the Blackdogue/Playgirl audience about it.

Robert:  I was surprised when we heard that Playgirl had been getting requests for my return for several years.  I have also heard through social media that I've had a worldwide fan base which is very humbling and gratifying. I've heard from women and men from Germany, Australia and countless other spots around the globe.  It's a thrill for me to be able to do this again.

DB: Let's back up a bit. In the '90's how did you get into this?

Robert:  An agent said that she thought that I was Playgirl material.  She sent my photos and to my surprise they were interested. I was living in Las Vegas and working in the convention business (which I'm still in.) They sent three freelance photographers and a crew and we did my spread in a pool and by a piano. It was lots of fun.

DB: Were you nervous or uncomfortable and how did your family react?

Robert: No. Well, at first I was nervous but I got over it pretty quickly when I saw how much everybody enjoyed what we were doing.  I feel that if you are proud of your body you should go for it and that's just what I've done.  My big Italian family (4 brothers and 2 sisters) in Pittsburgh was OK. My late father shrugged it off and my mother was a little shocked (still is) but thought that is was very tastefully and professionally done. 

DB: Tell us about the selection of the Man of the Year Award.

Robert: Well, I will never forget the phone call. Playgirl told me that they had record breaking sales of the magazine. They said I had fans who overwhelmingly selected me as MOTY. I was so grateful. I have always had the view that when success comes along you need to "ride it like a wave."

DB: That's just what you did. I remember seeing not only the spectacular spread but the, now sold out, video of behind-the-scenes at your MOTY photoshoot. So, you represented Playgirl worldwide for a year. What was that like?

Robert: It was a wonderful honor. After a great photo shoot in the Hollywood Hills and around L.A. I appeared on Entertainment Tonight, Good Day LA, Access Hollywood, The View, E Entertainment and countless other shows. I really enjoyed the radio interviews because we could get in depth.  I love travelling. I went to Chicago, New York and small towns all over the country too.  I also toured Mexico and Canada. It was surreal.

DB: Tell us about it.

Robert: I got to meet so many great people. The Luxor Theatre in Las Vegas brought out 2200 people. There were women and men. It was a real kick.

DB: Playgirl is now catering more to men. What is your reaction?

Robert: I'm flattered to have so many guys as fans, too.

DB: Tell me about your recent photo shoot.

Robert: Well, it was much different than the earlier ones. Budgets are tighter than they were. Also, the demand of today is for erection shots which I had not done before so that's what I did and I loved it. Greg Weiner is a very famous photographer and Blackdogue/Playgirl fans will see the results. I hope that they are as happy with them as I was modeling for them.

DB: No doubt that everyone will be. Robert, you look better now than you did a decade ago. What's your secret?

Robert: I've always been into taking good care of myself. I am lean at 6'2" and weigh 240 lbs. I guess it's genes, too.

DB: Well those genes make you look really hawt in and out of of jeans. Now, let me get my composure back. You seem to be have a great outlook. Tell us about it.

Robert: I am very happy. I was married briefly when I was 22, which is very young. It didn't work out. Today, I love meeting people and having lots of friends.

DB: Tell us about your work.

Robert: I had the acting bug like so many people. I played a gangster on General Hospital for six years and I appeared in Terminator 3. I am now back doing what I love which is the convention business. I am Supervisor for the biggest convention company in the world. We host lots of productions like the National Music Show among others. I have gotten to know many great stars. In fact, it was very sad. Our Playgirl photoshoot was done the weekend of the Grammys which is when Whitney Houston (whom I had worked with) died.

DB: We were all saddened by her passing. It shows you how fragile life is. I know that you have a great view of life.

Robert: Jamie, you know how much I love life. I am flattered to have the fan base that I do. You know how proud and confident I am but you also know that I work hard, too.

DB: Yeah, Robert, you give new meaning to the term MACHO. I know the answer to this question but I'll ask it anyway:  want to do another Playgirl photo spread in ten years?

Robert: The return of Robert Monzi, the sequel, -- sounds great to me.  I hope that we can do it again.  Let's keep riding the wave.

DB: Thanks, Robert.

Welcome to the DogueBlogue!!!

Playgirl magazine has been one of the most extraordinary publications ever. For millenia images of women have been de rigeur. When Playgirl came along in 1973 it was a first -- tasteful, but still erotic, photographs of incredibly hot guys.

Playgirl's arrival on the scene created lots of excitement and that's what the DogueBlogue is all about. While Blackdogue will place posts it's up to you to share your thoughts about Playgirl and what the Playgirl experience has meant to you.

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